Sex with the neighbours

I for my part, actively sort pastures new and had a string of affairs with other women and fulfilled my sexual desires elsewhere. I learned some new things but I wasn’t inclined to take them into the marriage bed because I worried that it would be viewed with suspicion Because of my work we moved to a new town and a new housenext door to a slightly older couple called Marge and Bill. We quickly made friends and were often round each other’s houses just talking and having a laugh. Bill was a Welshman and totally into Rugby and we could hear him shouting his support for his national team through our dividing wall whenever there was a match on the TV! Marge on the other hand hated all sport, let alone Welsh Rugby! She was Cornish (from Cornwall, England for you Yanks!) and she had a lovely Cornish drawl that just purred sexiness. I loved her accent from the moment I first heard it. As I said we spent some time in each others houses so when either of us went out it was natural to ask each other’s neighbours to babysit. It was a fairly regular occurrencewhich we all took advantage of. One time though when it seemed to both couples that my wife and I had done more for them than them for us, they invited us round to their house for an evening of drinks and food which we accepted. At the appointed time we tapped on the back door complete with our baby listener.( Oh yes. Weren’t we sophisticated!) and were presented with Champaign and nibbles. We all got merry very quickly! Marge was sat on the Sofa with the rest of us on the floor for some reason. I was by Marge’s feet with Sue by my side and Bill at her feet, I kept getting a glimpse ofMarge’s pantiesas she moved about on the sofa and she caught me looking several times before she just sprawled with her legs splayed. This gave me a terrific view of her crotch and I could see hair around the sides of the vee. I got a bit aroused and tilted myself toward Marge to let her know. “ Lets play a game!” she suddenly exclaimed and after a brief discussion it was agreed we’d play strip scrabble. Bill went and got the board and tiles as the girls giggled together and after the preliminaries we started to score. The loser of each round had to remove an item of clothing and I was a bit worried that all I had on was a tee shirt, jeans and underpants. It became clear very quickly that Marge was trying to lose and soon was laying on the sofa with just her panties on. I was mesmerised by her breasts. It was the first time I had seen puffy nipples. She had beautiful shaped smallish breasts with the most classical curves over and under the nipple but the entire area of her aureoles were swelled like mini-breasts with prominent nipples on top. Absolutely fucking gorgeous! I could not take my eyes of them. Sue was next to get down to underwear, completely naked in fact as she (obvious to me) completely threw her game. I looked at Bill, who still by her feet was looking straight at her pussy! Bill was quickly naked as well having failed to make even a three letter word from eight letters! I noted that he wasn’t aroused but was fairly well endowed. I quickly followed all this flesh flashing with my own underwear and there we were. Silently inspecting each others bodies without a word. Bill broke the silence. “I need another drink” he said but before he could get to his feet, Sue said, “Stay there I’ll get it”. She stood up and straddled his gaze as he looked up at her opening her legs above him. When she came back with the bottle she did the same thing and squatted down beside Bill. “Lay on your back”. she commanded him. When he did she knelt over him and poured a little Champaign into his belly-button and the leaned in and licked it out! She repeated this a couple more times until Bill’s cockwas erect and he was squirming around on the floor. Marge was watching all this aswas I. She had her hand in her crotch and was clearly fingering herself and breathing quite heavily. “I want him to suck my tits Bill! Come and please suck my tits” she asked me in that sexy purry Cornish accent. I was there in a heartbeat. My mouth latched around her beautiful nipple and sucked and tongued it as her chest heaved up toward me. I traced my hand from her other breast down her body to her furry mound. She moved her hand away and let my fingers find their way into her very wet vulva. I pushed one, two and then three fingers into her and revolved my thumb around her clit. She was moaning approval as I kissed her deeply. She responded by gnawing at my lips and at one time was sucking my lower lip so hard that it was later bruised. She mumbled into my mouth that she was cumming. She heaved herself up against my busy fingers and clutched at my shoulders as she shuddered to her climax. She was pumping up against my hand and sucking even harder on my bottom lip and a gurgled scream came up from very deep down a s she finally let go of my lip and fell back down on the sofa, floppy and spent. Marge looked at me through lowered eyelids and thanked me as she peered past me to look at the others. I turned in time to see Bill heave up toward Sue’s face as he emptied his load into her mouth. She had not hesitated to start sucking his cock when she had got him hard and she’d made him cum pretty damn quick. It was clear to me at that moment that they had more or less planned this and that they’d both got what they wanted and left my wife and I high and dry! There was an embarrassed silence for a moment or two before we all started getting dressed during small talk and promises to do it again soon but at the moment they were both tired and knackered so call it a night. When we were dressed and finished the remnants of the champagne Sue and I left and went home. We didn’t talk about it until the next time we were making love and that boosted both our enjoyment. A few weeks later a mate and I were off to have a few pints together down the local Pub. We were just about to leave when Marge burst into the back door.(Just the way she always did!)After the usual greetings and girly chat between the women we told her where we were going and she responded with, “Do you know I really fancy a beer. Can I come?”. I looked at Sue who just shrugged her shoulders. So I said “ Sure but we wont be quick”. Marge said, “Its OK I can walk back here after one”. We went out to my mate’s car and I opened the rear door for Marge to get in. She backed in and as she did, grabbed be and pulled me in behind her. My mate got in to drive and just glanced over his shoulder to see where I was. He just raised his gaze to the sky for a moment and set off to the Pub. No sooner were we on the move than Marge pulled me to her to kiss me and it very quickly turned into another lip sucking episode. I had to stop her. “ Don’t bruise my lip again. Sue will know exactly how I got it”. “Then suck these!” she whispered as she pulled up her sweater to reveal her braless breasts. I needed no second request and began to lovingly suck those perfect tits again. Myhand also went down to her crotch straight away. She had no panties on either! My fingers were up her vagina in no time. She was streaming! “Were here” announced my mate. “ I’ve parked out of the way and I’ll leave you here while I go get the beers in”. With that he got out of the car and walked off. I continued to get Marge as turned on as I could till she finally asked me to fuck her. I gently positioned her onto her back without releasing the nipple in my mouth and had my jeans around my knees before lowering myself into her super wet cunt. Her fingers guided me in but I didn’t go all the way in straight away. I teased with little stokes at first with just the first couple of inches until she started to plead. “Oh please. Give it to me. Fuck me!”. I slowly pushed my cock into her. She tried to get it all in quickly but I just rode her push and pushed in at my own pace. When our pubic mounds met I rested and used my pelvic muscles to just twitch my cock up and down inside her. “ Oh fucking Hell”, she screamed “How do you learn to do that? Its fucking fantastic. You’re fucking my cervix. Oh God you’re gonna make me cum. Oh God keep going. Keep going. Oooh! I’m fucking cumming!” She was trying to fuck me with little rapid thrusts of her pelvis at me and only succeeded in making herself cum quicker. I was in charge of this! After she’d rattled through her second orgasm with me she flopped back onto the car seat exhausted again. “Not this time Marge. You aint finished yet” I crooned. “ Now feel this”. I pulled my cock half way out of her now very wet cunt and then plunged it back in. I felt the squirt of her juices hit my groin. “Oh God”. She cried ,”Do that again”. I did it again. And again. By the fourth time I did this she was pleading with me to fuck her and very soon she was into a state of such high arousal that she orgasmed over and over again. She was squirming around underneath me trying to work my cock deeper into her grasping cunt, mouthing gibberish and obscenities and finally whimpering her exhaustion. I pulled out of her, much as I didn’t actually want to and climbed up to place my cock above her face. “You owe me a wank” I said and she knew! She took hold of my cock and opening her mouth she started to move her hand up and down my wet shaft. It didn’t take long as I had timed it quite nicely. But it took a good minute or so before I closed my eyes and let myself really enjoy my cum into her mouth. Most of it landed in there and I opened my eyes to see her swallowing it. Some of it had gone on her nose and I pulled back down her body and sucked it off there before kissing her again. I sucked those beautiful nipples each one more time and then pulled up my jeans and said “Do you want that beer now?”

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